Art outside the West: nothing to report

To recap, I’ve been looking at paintings and drawings in the West before and after transitions to linear logic, since I wanted to see when true perspective (which occurs in the late concrete operational stage in children) appears historically. True perspective (e.g. receding train tracks or the equivalent) only seems to appear in periods where a significant portion of the population is literate and educated. It appeared in Classical Greece and Rome, and it appeared in the Renaissance, but is not a human universal.

I wanted to check this theory by comparing the West to China and India. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any paintings or drawings from before the Classical period in either region. Art from the Classical period tends to show perspective.

The true test of this theory is if I can find art with true perspective from a period prior to classical/modern education and literacy, specifically from a preliterate period. I have not been able to do so. If someone else can find any, please let me know.

In the meantime here’s a Chinese painting, because it’s nice.


Note how the trees are smaller further away, in a smooth gradient.

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